Be seen in green - Video Tips


make your own video...

Yes, that's right! We want to see you make your own version of Be Seen In Green. 

How do you do that? Well, here's the best we could do to make it easy on ya:

1. Download the song. You can download the version with us signing, or the backing track so you can sing the song yourself.

2. Make a video you (get your friends in on it too!) signing/lip syncing/dancing/etc. to Be Seen In Green , and share it on social media. Upload it to YouTube,, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you can think of! 

3. Once you've shared it on social media, please email us the links to We'll be picking some of our favorites to share on "Be Seen In Green Day" - which is July 7th.


tips for your video

  • Learn about the "Be Seen in Green" initiative before you make your video. It's an amazing cause, that's close to our hearts. Check out Royal Manchester Children's Hospital site right here to learn more about it.
  • Wear green in your video - and make sure to wear green on Friday 7 July!
  • In the caption of your video, use #BeSeenInGreen and tell your friends to dress up in green and donate on Friday 7 July.
  • Have fun, and do what feels comfortable. If you want to sing, go for it. If you wanna dance, do that. If you wanna lip sync with your friends, do that!